Beat the Bugs this Summer with TerraShield®

Each Summer my entire family gets together to go camping. Despite all the long-sleeves and layers, We come home riddled with bug bites! This year I made sure to pack doTERRA TerraShield spray to protect my husband and me while we sit by the fire each night. I personally love the doTERRA TerraShield spray for its blend of Vanilla Bean Absolute instead of the regular insect repellant that smells of synthetic alcohol.

“Whether you’re a hiker, biker, camper, or outdoor enthusiast of any kind, you will love the convenience and protection that the newly formulated doTERRA TerraShield Spray provides. You can keep it in backpacks, purses, and vehicles to ensure bug bite prevention on the go. It is easy enough for the whole family to apply and is safe on your little ones! Help your kids take advantage of their summer outdoor activities by keeping them protected from insects.”

Read the Product Spotlight for doTERRA TerraShield here:

Leptospirosis Infection is on the Rise

Leptospirosis is a bacteria which thrives in wet conditions and is spread through the urine of infected animals in wet soil or stagnant water. Leptosprirosis commonly affects the liver and kidneys and may become life-threatening.

Signs of Leptospirosis are flu-like symptoms including lethargy, weakness, lack of appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting. This disease is also contagious to people. Protect your dog by vaccinating him or her. Call Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights at 201-288-7800 for more information and to make an appointment.

Attention: Dog Flu Cases are Confirmed in Brooklyn!

Dog Flu has been confirmed in over a dozen cases in Brooklyn, NY.  Here are some important facts you need to know to protect your pet, yourself and your family!

  • Dog flu is a highly infectious respiratory disease caused by canine influenza virus and dogs can be contagious for over 20 days.
  • Dogs, cats, ferrets, and guinea pigs are all susceptible to dog flu. Certain types of dog flu can transmit to people as well.
  • Dog flu is spread through direct dog to dog contact and via indirect routes such as shared toys or water bowls.
  • Clinical signs of dog flu include coughing, fever, lethargy, sneezing, and in some cases pneumonia and dogs can be infective for almost a month.
  • Vaccination is proven to be an effective way to prevent disease. com is a great resource for additional information.
  • Dogs are particularly at risk if they attend the groomer, dog parks, day care or boarding.

Please call us today at (201) 288-7800.  We want to make sure your pet is protected with the proper vaccine.  Let’s work together to minimize this dog flu outbreak.

Preventing Ticks and Fleas

Pet owners are keen to preventing fleas and tick on their pets, yet may not often think about themselves. Our environment is changing, and pests are adapting quickly. Winter temperatures fluctuate, and ticks persist throughout the year. We no longer find ticks only in wooded areas, but also in our own backyards and ball fields. Protect your entire family from Lyme disease and other illnesses.

Safely repel ticks, fleas, gnats, mosquitoes and flies with doTERRA Terrashield spray, a natural and effective essential oil blend. This repellant spray may be applied to pets as well either alone or in addition to a traditional topical flea and tick product.

Call Dr. Frezzo at Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights for additional information at 201-288-7800.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Halloween and Your Pet 2016

Halloween is a fun holiday for most youngsters who get to dress up and collect lots of candy which is then rationed out dutifully by many parents. Halloween, though, is very differently received for many pets. The doorbell rings over and over for hours, and strange people dressed suspiciously arrive at the door. Such intrusions cause anxiety for our pets. Some pets respond by hiding, cowering or even trembling. Others become exceedingly protective and defensive. The latter group may bark excessively, charge at the door and interfere with the simple task of handing out candy to children. I even become concerned that the frequency of door openings and curious nature of our pets may lead some to run away or escape.

Help your nervous or anxious pet by diffusing doTerra Serenity essential oil blend in your home in advance of the Trick-Or-Treaters. Consider diffusing for several hours, as needed to help your pet feel calm. You may also apply Serenity essential oil blend topically 2-4 times daily.

Halloween candy is very tempting to our pets. If your pet happens to discover the Halloween loot, be prepared. Minor stomach upset may be alleviated with topical application of 1-2 drops of doTerra Digest Zen essential oil blend applied every 2-4 hours. If the signs of discomfort persist, call Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights at 201-288-7800. If you suspect your pet has eaten chocolate, call Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights at 201-288-7800 or Oradell Animal Hospital at 201-262-0010.

This Halloween, be prepared for minor stomach upset with doTerra Digest Zen essential oil blend. Just apply 1-2 drops to the palms of your hands and pet your pet on his back or abdomen. Application may be repeated as often as every 4 hours, if needed.

Back to School and Your Pet

Back to SchoolBack To School-Kids and Pets Say, “Oh, no!”

Back to school time is a transition for students and pets alike. During the Summer, many pets become accustomed to a busier household, more exercise, attention and company. They enjoy having their families around. Yet, Summer comes to an end quickly.

As the school year resumes, the home environment suddenly shifts. Pets watch their companions leave for school and work and may be home alone for several hours each day.

The sudden change in our pets’ daily routines can cause anxious feelings and even destructive behavior. Some pets cry, bark, chew, and lick themselves excessively to express their distress and frustration. To ease this transition and comfort our pets, I recommend helping our pets naturally with calming blend and grounding blend. Apply topically or diffuse the essential oil blends two to four times daily.

Call Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights at 201-288-7800 for more information about supporting your pet naturally.

Bugged by Bugs?

My family and I enjoy the outdoors even at dusk and evening when gnats and mosquitoes emerge by the dozens. We simply spray our arms and legs with Outdoor essential oil blend. We safely and naturally protect ourselves from irritating bites.

For more information about natural health, call Dr. Frezzo at 201-288-7800.

A Note From a Client

Stella Thank You Card

Introduction to Essential Oils Class

All are invited to our upcoming Introduction to Essential Oils class.

Where: 180 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

When: September 30, 2015, 730 pm.

Please call us at (201) 288-7800 to RSVP.  All attendees will receive a free gift.

Easing the Transition Back to School

Can you believe the end of Summer is here already? September always seems to arrive too quickly. Not only do the students adjust as school starts, but our pets do, too. Our household routine changes overnight, and our pets feel it. Many of our pets eat less and seem mopey. Suddenly, our homes may be empty and quiet during the day where they were once filled with activity.  Pets get lonely, too.

How can we help our pets? Essential oils may be applied topically 2-3 times daily and/or diffused into the air. A calming blend and a grounding blend can help relax and soothe our pets as well as ourselves. Diffusing a citrus essential oil is uplifting and energizing. The whole family will benefit from the positive effects of the essential oils, easing the transition from Summer to Fall.

Try to schedule walks, play time and activity for them daily. Leave a radio playing soft music or the television on during the day to provide some background noise. Cats enjoy a screen saver on the computer or a pet program on television. One channel which cats may enjoy features birds singing in a nature scene.

For more information and uses for essential oils and natural health, contact Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights at 201-288-7800.

Mia K. Frezzo, DVM

Canine Influenza Iinformation


SpOil Your Pet book and Essential Oil Packages are here!

Introducing the SpOIL Your Pet Packages. These packages come with the book;  SpOil Your Pet: A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats that I wrote with Jan Jeremias and a selection of our high quality oils. The Deluxe Package features a Fan Diffuser as well.  Be prepared for any situation. Support your dog or cat’s immune system, digestion, promote feelings of calmness and peacefulness.  They make excellent gifts for any pet owner. Click this link to order yours today:

Mia K. Frezzo, DVM

Dr. Frezzo is the founder and owner of the Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights.  Call 201-288-7800 for an appointment  today.