Canine Cognitive Disorder

Canine Cognitive Disorder

Elderly pets may develop “old dog dementia” termed Canine Cognitive Disorder or CCD.  A pet suffering from CCD may seem lost or confused even in familiar surroundings.   Additional signs include inability to sleep, pacing or wandering, and staring aimlessly.    Dogs afflicted with CCD affect the entire household by disrupting sleep, having accidents indoors, and frustrating their loving family.

I have found very good results using a combination of essential oils.   Essential oils may safely be used to complement traditional therapy without side effects or interactions.  Calming blend is perfect for inducing sleep and restfulness.  Grounding blend useful for reducing stress and anxious feelings.  The third component of natural therapy is Frankincense.  Frankincense is considered the life force oil and is helpful in  supporting healthy cellular function and promoting feelings of relaxation and overall wellness.

I suggest applying grounding blend and Frankincense essential oils twice daily and as needed to alleviate symptoms.  Calming blend may be applied and diffused as needed, and especially at bedtime.  Maintaining a predictable routine is also important for stability in CCD patients.   Within a short period of time, the whole family will feel more at ease.

Mia Frezzo, DVM

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  • Emily, yes we are referring to Serenty.
  • I don't see the Calming Blend on the DoTerra website. Is it the Serenity you are referring to?
  • Dear Lori, For Canine Cognitive Disorder, I recommend applying the oils neat to any part of your pet's body. Although a carrier oil could be used, I don't recommend hot oils for topical application, and the carrier oil can make your pet's coat a little greasy. Sincerely, Dr. Frezzo
  • Where did you apply the oils and did you apply them neat or use a carrier oil?

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