CBD oil vs. Copaiba

CBD oil vs. Copaiba

Many people are aware of the numerous benefits of CBD oil. CBD is very popular right now for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Scientifically, CBD oil acts indirectly with CB2 receptors. Even better than CBD oil is doTERRA’s Copaiba oil which acts directly with CB2 receptors to reduce inflammation, anxiety, pain and help neurological conditions including seizure disorders. Copaiba supports a healthy immune system, endocrine system, and reduces cancers.

I have had great success with Copaiba for nervous pets, chronic inflammatory or painful conditions and reduction of seizure activity. DoTERRA’s Copaiba essential oil may be applied topically, diffused or ingested safely. Please contact Dr. Frezzo Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights for additional information at 201-288-7800.

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