Attention: Dog Flu Cases are Confirmed in Brooklyn!

Attention: Dog Flu Cases are Confirmed in Brooklyn!

Dog Flu has been confirmed in over a dozen cases in Brooklyn, NY.  Here are some important facts you need to know to protect your pet, yourself and your family!

  • Dog flu is a highly infectious respiratory disease caused by canine influenza virus and dogs can be contagious for over 20 days.
  • Dogs, cats, ferrets, and guinea pigs are all susceptible to dog flu. Certain types of dog flu can transmit to people as well.
  • Dog flu is spread through direct dog to dog contact and via indirect routes such as shared toys or water bowls.
  • Clinical signs of dog flu include coughing, fever, lethargy, sneezing, and in some cases pneumonia and dogs can be infective for almost a month.
  • Vaccination is proven to be an effective way to prevent disease. com is a great resource for additional information.
  • Dogs are particularly at risk if they attend the groomer, dog parks, day care or boarding.

Please call us today at (201) 288-7800.  We want to make sure your pet is protected with the proper vaccine.  Let’s work together to minimize this dog flu outbreak.

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