Feeding Your Cat to Help Manage Its Weight

Feeding Your Cat to Help Manage Its Weight

Did you know that how you feed your cat can manage his weight? 

Obesity in cats is the cause of several diseases including diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and arthritis.  A new study by the University of Illinois has found that cats who were fed smaller, more frequent meals were more active and better maintained a healthy weight.   “Cats that ate more frequently received smaller portions, but the total amount eaten by the cats was the same for all.”   In another portion of the study, adding water to dry food or feeding canned food directly increased cats’ activity levels and playfulness.    The cats were more active before meals in anticipation of eating and immediately after eating.

Always feed your cat a high quality diet, preferably a canned variety.  If possible, offer small meals 2-4 times daily.  Provide fresh water at all times.   Expect a period of adjustment as you change your pet’s feeding style.  Once your cat is accustomed to his new schedule, watch him become more energetic.  Try it.   Your cat will be happier, healthier and live longer.

Mia Frezzo, DVM

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