January is a Great Month to License Your Pet

January is a Great Month to License Your Pet

Remember to license your dogs and cats with your local Health Department.

A rabies license is obtained for a nominal fee and is required by law to ensure the safety of pets in our society.  Rabies is a highly dangerous, potentially fatal disease which is contagious to people.

Most towns have an arbitrary date through which the rabies must be effective in order to license pets at the beginning of the year.  The chosen date is usually between October and November.  If the rabies vaccine expires prior to the chosen date in October or November, the pet is not eligible for a license.  In this case, the rabies vaccine needs to be repeated.  The rabies vaccine may be safely repeated every three months, if necessary.  Repeating the rabies vaccine this month will not only be safe, but will also put your pet on a January schedule for the rest of his or her life to satisfy licensure

Listed below are links to local Health Departments.


Mia Frezzo, DVM

Dr. Frezzo is the owner of the Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights.  She makes house calls while constructing her new, start-of-the-art Hospital.  Call 201-288-7800 today.

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