Halloween and Your Pet 2016

Halloween and Your Pet 2016

Halloween is a fun holiday for most youngsters who get to dress up and collect lots of candy which is then rationed out dutifully by many parents. Halloween, though, is very differently received for many pets. The doorbell rings over and over for hours, and strange people dressed suspiciously arrive at the door. Such intrusions cause anxiety for our pets. Some pets respond by hiding, cowering or even trembling. Others become exceedingly protective and defensive. The latter group may bark excessively, charge at the door and interfere with the simple task of handing out candy to children. I even become concerned that the frequency of door openings and curious nature of our pets may lead some to run away or escape.

Help your nervous or anxious pet by diffusing doTerra Serenity essential oil blend in your home in advance of the Trick-Or-Treaters. Consider diffusing for several hours, as needed to help your pet feel calm. You may also apply Serenity essential oil blend topically 2-4 times daily.

Halloween candy is very tempting to our pets. If your pet happens to discover the Halloween loot, be prepared. Minor stomach upset may be alleviated with topical application of 1-2 drops of doTerra Digest Zen essential oil blend applied every 2-4 hours. If the signs of discomfort persist, call Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights at 201-288-7800. If you suspect your pet has eaten chocolate, call Animal Hospital of Hasbrouck Heights at 201-288-7800 or Oradell Animal Hospital at 201-262-0010.

This Halloween, be prepared for minor stomach upset with doTerra Digest Zen essential oil blend. Just apply 1-2 drops to the palms of your hands and pet your pet on his back or abdomen. Application may be repeated as often as every 4 hours, if needed.

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