Dr. Frezzo’s Favourite Essential Oils

Frankincense A, T*

Known as “The Master Oil”. We often say, “when in doubt, use Frankincense.”I use Frankincense for everything. It is a versatile and powerful essential oil. Its uses range from supporting growth and development to aiding neurologic disorders, autoimmune disorders, and respiratory support. Frankincense has calming effects as well. Frankincense supports healthy cellular function.

Lavender A, T*

Lavender is a versatile essential oil, helpful in soothing and healing skin conditions. I use Lavender directly on the area of concern to help dogs and cats stop licking an area of discomfort. It is a natural antihistamine and useful for calming nervousness and anxious feelings. Try Lavender before and during car rides or when leaving your pet at home alone.

Copaiba A, T, I*

Copaiba is one of my favorite essential oils. It is a powerful influence on the immune system, and offers cardiovascular, respiratory, and nervous system support. Copaiba offers marked reduces inflamations effects as well as helps maintain cellular health. I use Copaiba to support healthy joints and ease nervous feelings. On a daily basis, Copaiba supports overall health.

Breathe A, T*

Breathe essential oil blend greatly supports the respiratory system and is useful to support easeful breathing in colds, seasonal threats, and cardiovascular conditions.

Digest Zen T*

Digest Zen is a multifunctional essential oil blend for all gastrointestinal concerns. I use this blend for vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, gas, constipation and motion sickness. Apply topically prior to travel.

Aromatouch A, T*

This essential oil blend relieves discomfort, reduces inflammation and improves circulation. It is helpful for joint support and soothes acute injuries.

Arbor Vitae A, T*

This gentle yet dynamic essential oil is a potent antiviral and antibacterial. Arbor Vitae is applicable in infectious disease and to support the immune system. Arbor Vitae is also an excellent bug repellant.

On Guard A*

On Guard greatly supports the immune system, cleanses the air and offers antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. I use this blend via diffusion in cold and flu season.

Geranium T*

Geranium is a diverse oil which supports and detoxifies the internal organs, particularly the liver, balances hormones, repels pests and fights viruses. Geranium is widely used in pets as an antiseptic and to heal the skin.

Myrrh T*

Myrrh is one of my favorite essential oils, especially for cats. Its wide uses include supporting the endocrine system, combating infections and viruses, and relieving tension. Its antimicrobial properties make it useful for oral lesions and wound healing. Myrrh also supports cellular health.

Serenity A, T*

Serenity essential oil blend is a beatiful combination of calming oils which ease anxious feelings and promote restful sleep. Use to calm pets in situations of loud noises, travel or staying home alone.

Balance A, T*

This essential oil blend helps to ground our pets, promote relaxation and tranquility. Balance is helpful for a number of situations in combination with other essential oils and to balance the emotions.

Turmeric T*

Turmeric (T,) This amazing essential oil supports overall health. Turmeric is particularly helpful for support of the immune system and cellular health. Turmeric soothes sore muscles and joints and eases digestion. It is a powerful detoxifying oil and supports healthy circulation.


A refers to AromaticThis oil or blend may be diffused.
T refers to TopicalThis oil or blend may be applied topically.
I refers to IngestedThis oil may be taken internally or ingested.

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