Dr. Frezzo has been appointed to the doTERRA International Veterinary Advisory Panel. The Panel consists of Veterinarians from the US and Canada. With this Panel in place, they will be providing important education and helpful usage tips on Essential Oils with pets.

Dr. Frezzo and her dog Bocce

Using Essential Oils to care for your pets

Learn how Dr. Frezzo uses and recommends Essential Oils in her practice,
which oils she prefers to use and how to use them safely.

SpOil Your Pet:

A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats

by Mia Frezzo, DVM, Jan Jeremias, MSc.

SpOil Your Pet: A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in
Dogs and Cats covers more than 50 common ailments and conditions in cats and dogs. Each section contains a description of the ailment or condition and easy directions for the pet owners on how to best use essential oils. Their recommendations help pet owners not only keep their pets healthy but also offer a wonderful complement to traditional veterinary care.


SpOIL Your Pet, Available on AromaTools.com and Amazon.com


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In health, Dr. Mia Frezzo.

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Favorite Oils

Learn about which oils Dr. Frezzo uses safely and how to use them with your pet.


Purchase Oils

To purchase oils, call / email Dr. Frezzo or request a Professional Consultation

Call : 201-288-7800
Email : doctor@vetinheights.com


What People Are Saying About Dr Frezzo

Many loving pet owners are happy with the results they have seen using Dr. Frezzo's natural health recommendations.
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    Copaiba has really helped her anxiety.

    Oh, my!  She is so much better!  Copaiba has really helped her anxiety.


  • testimonial-img

    I am really impressed!

    I am really impressed!  Darcy’s seizures have reduced dramatically using the essential oils Dr. Frezzo suggested.


  • testimonial-img

    My kitty, Einstein, loves Serenity

    My kitty, Einstein, loves Serenity, and I see such a difference.  He has settled into our new home easily.


  • testimonial-img

    I haven't seen him jump on the couch in over a year. 

    I haven’t seen him jump on the couch in over a year.  Thank you.  Essential oils have rejuvenated him.



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